Why Musk prefers the "Chinese management style"

Why Musk prefers the “Chinese management style” in company?

Spiceup News Comments: When an Indian entered the company and took control of the HR department, soon the entire company will be Indian employees all over. Elon Musk may afraid of Indian employees? Indian executives are the best at PPT and paper talk。 Most of them are not practical, especially in the field of manufacturing, which requires precise control and efficiency!

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Elon Musk prefers the work ethic of Chinese employees and the management style of Chinese companies. Some netizens even tease, Musk may be a Chinese person at heart.

Musk has previously said publicly, “Tesla is competitive because we have a great team in China.” In recent years, Musk has also increasingly implemented “Chinese management” in the company to inspire employees to work with passion and potential.

The most obvious manifestation of this is that Musk began to make drastic changes to the company after becoming the boss of Twitter. He wanted to change the lazy work atmosphere of his employees, and no longer allowed Twitter employees to work remotely. Every employee has to work at least 40 hours a week in the office unless he approves it. He even converted the office into a bedroom to facilitate overtime work. Many Twitter employees even volunteered to work overtime in order not to be laid off.

Musk hates “Indian management”. According to reports, the number of Indian immigrants in the United States has a lot wiht with a good degree and are fluent in English. There are about 1 million people are scientists and engineers in 4 million Indian-Americans.

Indians have a strong congregate cultures. The media cited the United States Indian technology entrepreneurs, scholars Vivek Wadhwa said that the Indian emphasis on “group” also gives them an advantage, Indian executives in Silicon Valley to establish a network of contacts to help each other. 

Indian employees in Silicon Valley are very popular with these advantages for a long time. A study by the Harvard Business Review pointed out that 30% of managers in the Fortune 500 companies are Indian.

indian-origin techies making a mark globally
Indian-origin techies making a mark globally

According to media reports, one third of the engineers in Silicon Valley are of Indian descent as early as 2005, and 7% of the CEOs of high-tech companies are from India.

Today, the CEOs of Google and its parent company Alphabet, Microsoft, Adobe and other U.S. technology giants are also held by Indian. Some medias even jokingly said that Indians “ruled” the U.S. Silicon Valley.

However Indian employees are not well treated by Musk. Indian employees were almost “wiped out” after he joined Twitter. According to reports, the number of employees of the Indian branch of Twitter is about 200, but only about 12 people leftafter layoffs.

In addition to firing a large number of ordinary employees, Musk even spared the amount of $51.2 million in compensation to lay off the Indian-origin executives of Twitter, including CEO Parag Agrawal and Vijaya Gadde, head of legal policy, trust and security.

Parag Agrawal
Parag Agrawal

US tech giants lay off one after another, and as the tech industry cools down. Times will no longer be good for Indian executives in Silicon Valley either.

He eliminated a large number of Indian employees on one side and rehired and promoted Chinese employees on the other in facing the downward pressure of the industry.

Elon Musk seems to want to copy more of Tesla’s success in China to foreign companies.

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