Why did Alibaba “instantly go down”?

Sexually suggestive office games, boozy dinners and a culture of ignoring problems have long plagued the industry. Changing it will still be hard.

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Alibaba shares fell after a female employee at the tech giant said she was sexually assaulted by a manager and state media warned the company it must not operate under a “too big to fail delusion.” The entire network is criticizing Alibaba.

Alibaba shares fell after a female employee at the tech giant said she was sexually assaulted by a manager and state media warned the company it must not operate under a “too big to fail delusion.” The entire network is criticizing Alibaba.

We can’t look at it from a microscopic perspective way. Microscopic point of view is not clear. We must look at this case from the macro point of view to see clearly.

▲ Jack Ma Alibaba

Alibaba and Jack Ma have been more like god in China in the past ten years. Alibaba is the leader of the Internet and Jack Ma is the business leader. The whole society is full of praise and admiration for Alibaba and Jack Ma, and many people even call Jack Ma “Daddy Ma”!

However, the reversal of Jack Ma and Alibaba’s popularity is indeed a momentary event, which makes many admirers of Ma and Alibaba a bit incomprehensible and uncomfortable, and even unacceptable, but do not know why?

So, what exactly has Alibaba done and what has changed in Chinese society to make all this happen? Are there any deep-seated reasons for this? I take this opportunity to do a simple analysis and discussion. This is only for Daddit News fans’ discussion.

First of all, we must admit, Jack Ma and Alibaba Group is a symbiotic relationship and both of them completely uncut. Even if Ma Yun has announced “retirement”, his words and actions still represent Alibaba. He is still the leader of Alibaba and totem. People still see Jack Ma as the leader and the society still sees Jack Ma as the leader of Alibaba. This is determined by the development history of Alibaba. Jack Ma is equal to Alibaba in the social perception. This is difficult to change.

Secondly, we must admit that Jack Ma and Ali are significant to Chinese business. It is no exaggeration to say that Jack Ma is one of the most representative figures of China’s market-oriented reform and he has changed the model of Chinese business.

Jack Ma and Alibaba do not engage in direct industrial production, but he promotes the development of e-commerce which has greatly reduced the cost of social transactions and improved the efficiency of resource allocation. His and Alibaba’s contribution to social development is very big at some stage. Therefore, Jack Ma is a absolutely leader in field of business area. Jack Ma and Alibaba seized the opportunity of this era.

The reason why Jack Ma has gained such a high status in the society and become the most representative figure in the Chinese business field is inseparable from his great contribution. An era makes an era of entrepreneurs. Everything has changed because the times have changed. When Jack Ma has not been able to follow the times to make significant adjustments during the process. It is inevitable that maladjustment will occur.

2021 is the year of accelerated restructuring of the political and economic order. All active or passive participants in this world will be reorganized by this great change, the fittest will survive and develop, no matter how large you are! Jack Ma and Alibaba are the most important people and enterprises of the last cycle. The environment or the World and China has changed. People and companies have to adjusted to change with the trend, otherwise, it faces failure . Therefore, it is not a matter of one person or one company, it is a matter of the times.

In the last cycle, Jack Ma led Alibaba become great company. However, if Jack Ma does not keep pace with the trend and time. It would goes down instantly. We must realize that the current problems faced by Alibaba are not entirely Alibaba’s own problems, but the problems of global changes. Alibabab’ s corporate become distorted in the face of reality and lose the advantages of its original corporate culture.

We all know that since the beginning of 2018, the United States began to sanction China for developing. The world is plundering resources including the U.S.! The U.S. is doing everything it can to get resources from the China, and China is doing everything it can to protect its resources. this is the reality of it!

In the middle of 2020, China has adjusted its economic development model. China use economic internal circulation to make GDP increase. However, the Internet industry is somewhat special for it’s historical reasons. Internet giants like Alibaba, most of its share are foreign-owned. These Internet giants are desperately expanding in the country, and they are in pursuit of profits. The Alibaba earn billions of profit a year. Large portion of the money transfer to aboard to its foreign shareholders. Let’s make clearly, the money is no longer circulating in the Chinese internal economic system after the outflow.

A large number of foreign investors occupy a large share of the Chinese Internet company market to earn profits. And then these huge profits flow back to the U.S. capital market. In the context of such a fierce game between China and the United States, think about what this is the consequence? It is equivalent to our country’s huge interests being sucked away by the United States. If we look at it from the perspective of fundamental interests, we can clearly understand why people in China criticiz Alibaba. Times have changed and fundamental interests are in conflict!

The Internet companies are undergoing a baptism, especially the Alibaba system is more so in this environment. In this case, Alibaba is in order to maintain its development and performance. It does’ t care its orporate culture anymore. Sexual assault is in exchange for the interest of the company.

The world is changing, the country is changing, so many fields are going to be a big reshuffle!

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