qatari ladies for marriage

The “Middle Eastern royals” that you want to marry with are the hell they want to escape

Women, Life, Freedom.

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Ladies for marriage in the Middle East countries

What kind of world will she face when a woman really marries in Qatar? Welcome to a female hell you can’t imagine. Let’s start with the background. Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia believe the conservative Wahhabi religion. Living here entails managing personal and social life in strict accordance with the most primitive and traditional religious teachings.

How conservative will it be?

For example, conservative religious forces would have viewed the introduction of foreign facilities and technology as “unbelief”in the 1950s. Saudi government had to work with the Egyptian Mujahideen and use their capabilities to promote modern reforms in this situation.


Many people in Saudi Arabia maintained a primitive way of life before the discovery of oil. The discovery of oil allowed the closed country to quickly absorb a large number of modern concepts.
Many people in Saudi Arabia maintained a primitive way of life before the discovery of oil. The discovery of oil allowed the closed country to quickly absorb a large number of modern concepts.

And how strong is the religious power here?

King Abdullah had ordered all women’s stores, including lingerie, cosmetics, and women’s clothing to replace all men with female employees within a year in 2011. The purpose of doing this is to promote modernization and reform. Another reason was to boost female employment, respect the perception of women and change the international image.

However the paramount ruler’s order has had many twists and turns. Not only was it not immediately enforced, but it even led to a backlash. more than 200 religious police officers demanded that the decree be withdrawn on the grounds that “the employment of women and the increased contact between men and women make it difficult for religious police to enforce the law in 2013. In fact, they tried a similar decree in 2006. It was also aborted due to opposition from conservative forces.

qatari ladies for marriage

When you come to a country like Qatar, you need to reacquaint yourself with the world you live in. The first thing you have to get used to is polygamy. According to the custom here, a man can marry four wives. The country with the most disparate sex ratio is in the world. A Middle Eastern white-robed male is still followed by four black-robed women even with so many more male bachelors.

As of 2021, Qatar has a total of 2.93 million permanent residents. About 2.19 million male residents and about 730,000 female residents. There are as many as three times more men than women in a country.

Secondly, you have to consider the security issues. As long as your Middle Eastern husband doesn’t beat the snot out of you, you’re marrying the right man. The Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates stated in a ruling that husbands can beat their wives as long as they don’t cause visible bruises in October 2010.

Women are subordinate to their husbands in this land. They were never an independent person, but a slave who had to serve men all her life. The man is the supporter, protector, provider, and guardian of the family; the woman’s mission is to conceive, bear, nurse, and raise children in the catechism.


qatari ladies for marriage

In addition, if you are unfortunate enough to enter a conservative family . Then the world you see may be the few centimeters that the slit of the black robe reveals.

Every woman has her own guardian. When she is young, the guardian will be your father. It will be your brother or an uncle when your father pass away. When you marry, it is naturally your husband. 

You lose the right to share a room with any man other than your husband. Naturally, you cannot have any friends of the opposite sex. You are not free to leave the country or even the city where you are, and all movements must be permitted by your father or husband. 

Even in public spaces like supermarkets or McDonald’s, they are strictly divided into male areas and family areas.

global gender gap index 2022
Saudi Arabia is ranked 127th, Qatar 137th, Iran 4th from the bottom, Afghanistan 1st from the bottom

If you might feel a little scared after hearing this, then don’t go. Such a tough environment for women to live in is already a modified version of it.

Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” economic reform plan, includes the advancement of women’s rights and status, and has made considerable progress in the year of 2016. Saudi women finally had the right to drive alone in 2018. The government also limited the authority of religious police and approved female singers to hold public concerts. Women were allowed into stadiums to watch events and several industry sectors were opened up to encourage female employment.

  • Saudi Arabian women cannot open a bank account without the consent of their male guardian.
  • Saudi Arabian women cannot obtain a passport to travel abroad without the consent of a male guardian. This guardianship consent system extends to many other aspects of a woman’s life, including work, schooling, and even access to certain medical programs.
  • Saudi women are also required to obtain the consent of their male guardians in order to marry or divorce. If a son is over the age of seven and a daughter is over the age of nine, it is difficult for a divorced woman to obtain custody of her children.
  • All restaurants serving male and female customers must have two seating areas. Men and women basically eat separately.
  • Saudi women are not free to wear clothes. Saudi women usually wear an ankle-length, loose-fitting gown. There are some public spaces with women’s sections, such as the women-only floors of shopping malls, where women can remove their burqas only.

Some people also expressed their desire for this place on social media platforms, even expressing clearly that “I can wear a black robe for the rest of my life as long as give me money”. It seems that as long as you go to the Middle East, you can earn half a million dollars a month by asking for food on the streets.

The wealth and happiness bestowed by oil can also tumble with oil price fluctuations. Saudi Arabia’s GDP tripled as international oil prices rose from 2003 to 2013. Saudi Arabia’s financial reserves fell to $623 billion from $732 billion in 2015 after the plunge in international oil prices from 2014 to 2015. The government had to issue international bonds to avoid running out of money.

Saudi Arabia has a wide gap between rich and poor with a GDP per capita of $23,585.89. Traditional teachings continue to play an important role in remote areas far from major cities.

Human power is never divided.

What does the oil and gold in the ground have to do with a slave after you become a woman here. You can’t even choose the style of your own hijab robe if you’re not lucky. If you are male, how can you be sure you will be reborn as one of the very few royalty and not the exotic worker who died in the infrastructure arena?

Even women in the royal family are not easily granted immunity from liberty. Sheikh Haya of Dubai fled the UK for a divorce. It took lawsuits and twists and turns to get custody of her daughter back. This is still because her maiden family, the Jordanian royal family, was able to hire the best divorce lawyer in London for her.



Prince Hamdan of Dubai has 15 million followers on Instagram. He can show beautiful photos of himself riding, exercising and taming eagles everyday. Ironically, many of Prince Hamdan’s fans who loved him once also loved his face-worthy wife, Princess Shehak. After the two got married, the prince continued to look good and dashing. The Princess Shehak was never seen again.

qatari ladies for marriage

The Death of Amini

The irony still happend.

While some of women fantasized about marrying in Qatar, Time magazine named its 2022 Heroes of the Year. The image shows three Iranian women without their faces on. They are holding each other, without headscarves, showing their hair.

heroes of the year 2022 Iran women

 It all started with an Iranian girl named Amini.

Mahsa Amini with 22 years old was arrested on the street because the morality police “thought” she was not wearing a strict hijab as required in September, 2022. Amini’s resuscitation death was in police custody. The Iranian government refuses to admit that Amini died under the stick of abusive punishment, insisting that she died of an accidental heart attack. However, those who were there clearly heard Amini’s screams at the police station.

Widespread protests erupted across Iran after September. Amini’s death just like a bomb thrown into the masses in Iran. It ignited the anger of all Iranians that had been suppressed for decades and caught the Iranian government off guard.

Women walked on the streets. They ripped off their headscarves and even cut their hair in the street and threw it into bonfires to burn. There were even women who shaved their heads and danced bravely in front of the morality police.

With the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom,” they demanded that the Iranian government give a clear explanation for Amini’s death. Their anger is not that “Amini was killed by police without wearing a hijab”, but that “Amini should not have been arrested in the first place” and “why should Iranian women wear hijabs”.

The Death of Amini

From a historical perspective, women were even allowed to wear makeup and perms and dresses in Iran. Things have started to change since 1979, when the Islamic Republic began to rule the land. Perms are out of the question and women must cover their hair with a headscarf after this. Alcoholic beverages, most Western movies, men and women traveling together and sunbathing are strictly prohibited. The educational curriculum for all classes was designed by the Islamic University Council.

Iranian women in the 1960s and 1970s
△ Iranian women in the 1960s and 1970s

If you don’t listen, someone will naturally teach you to listen.

The government created a special police department to regulate the dress and behavior of women. In 2006, they officially changed their name to the “morality police”. Once again, Iranian women’s hair is a prey on the table.

qatari ladies for marriage 6

In social media videos, Iranian morality police can be seen randomly insulting and beating women and dragging them into vans where they are hijabbed and sent for “re-education”.

Sara, a 24-year-old Tehran girl, was once arrested by morality police. They kicked her in the stomach and scolded her. Her father sent her “decent clothes” and forced her to sign a pledge that she would “strictly follow the traditional teachings in the future.

The tears of the Iranians are useless. Even the news of the “abolition of the morality police” turned out to be a fake news story.

Even if the morality police could actually stop patrolling the streets, it would not affect the continued implementation of Iran’s Hijab Law in any way. Even if there were no morality police, a whole new department would continue to perform the duties of the morality police.

In fact, Iran’s ethics enforcement spokesman said some time ago that government officials are already preparing for Morality Police 2.0 – using “newer, more refined management methods” to tighten hijab control and strengthen the indoctrination of its traditional religious values.

The protest, which has been going on for three months, is also slowly severing the ties between generations of Iranians.

Some of the older ones  among them follow their faith firmly, while the Z-era grows up in the Internet world. They want to live freely like young people in other countries: swiping TikTok, singing pop songs loudly, watching beauty videos on YouTube.

A 32-year-old woman who attended protests in Tehran told the Wall Street Journal that Iranian girls are subjected to day-to-day brainwashing by wearing the hijab from the age of 9. She was arrested by police after attending several protests and was severely beaten. Her mother called her in tears and told her, “I am ashamed that you are my daughter,” even as her family ignored her when she returned home with serious injuries.

There were also people who chose to stand behind the girls and support them.

Minoo, the mother of the Iranian girl Yasi, chose to sign an online petition of religious women calling for the abolition of the morality police and the repeal of the Hijab Law. Minoo told The New York Times that she saw her daughter in the dead Amini. The power of woman wearing a hijab or not should belong to the woman, not to the government

Nika, the Iranian girl who died in the protests, was only 16 years old.
Nika, the Iranian girl who died in the protests, was only 16 years old.

In an interview, Nika’s mother said that police broke Nika’s skull, broke her teeth, dislocated her cheekbones and disfigured her body.


The vision of secularization that comes with economic development happens naturally. Increasing literacy, urbanization, Internet penetration, and even the fertility rate in Iran are declining. 

The Iranians have not resigned themselves to their fate easily. If you’ve been paying attention to this year’s Cannes Film Festival, you’ll know which actress beat out Tang Wei. Zara Amir Abrahimi – who is known as the Gong Li of Iran – won this year’s Cannes Film Festival for her film “Holy Spider”.



Zara Amir Abrahimi

You may not even know what this movie is about just by the name of the movie. <Holy Spider>

In the Iranian holy city of Mashhad, a series of bizarre deaths of prostitutes have occurred, and the serial killer of the prostitutes has been hailed as the “holy spider” by the public.

Rahimi plays a female journalist who travels alone to Mashhad to investigate. As soon as she arrived in the Holy City, she was questioned by the front desk of the hotel as to why she was not wearing her headscarf properly. It was because her hair was falling down in front of her forehead, which is considered by Iranians to be a characteristic of “indecent women”. This is because in some people’s minds, only prostitutes do not deserve to wear the hijab.

She also found that even if the clues of the murderer’s crime were laid out in front of the police, they did not want to investigate the case with care. They are not enough to die Because the dead are prostitutes. Dead prostitutes are like fuel that burns out leaving only a puff of smoke.

Holy Spider

On the other hand, the murderer of the prostitute was the most ordinary mason with a beautiful family and children. He was a fervent believer in religion and believed that he was cleansing the holy city of sin and filth in a righteous manner for God.

Holy Spider

The female reporter finally had to take off her hijab and disguise herself as a prostitute. She risk her life to lure the snake out of the hole in exchange for bringing the killer to justice.

Holy Spider

The best part turned out to be after the killer was arrested.

The judge questioned the killer as to how he could judge that these dead prostitutes were morally deficient and had to die in the courtroom.

The killer replied with a proud and smile, “You don’t need to be very smart to recognize who’s a prostitute on the street.” And the killer’s wife does not consider her husband guilty; on the contrary, the slaughter of prostitutes is considered an honorable and heroic act. Even the people of Iran have gathered outside the courtroom to demand that the government release the Spider Killer because he is cleaning up sin for Allah. Neighbors will even give free food to the killer’s family and even encourage his son to grow up and follow in his father’s footsteps and continue to slaughter more prostitutes.

The Spider Killer indulges in the fantasy of becoming a religious hero. He has the grandeur of great righteousness even if he goes to the gallows. He described in graphic detail to his son how he had targeted his prey on the street and how he had strangled the women alive with his hood.

The entire film’s murder footage is not a thriller, until the female reporter opened a DV footage of the interview at the end of the film. We were able to see the most creepy images from a woman’s perspective. After the killer’s death, his son, who was only a teenager, proudly recreated his father’s killing to reporters. He had his young sister play the role of a prostitute while demonstrating how to strangle a woman and how to roll their bodies into the carpet and discard them.

The most breathtaking detail is that every time the Spider Killer kills someone. He ends up strangling them with a hood on top of their heads. Perhaps many people do not understand this film which is based on real events highly honored internationally. This is because women in both on and off the screen are being strangled by this inch of narrow, black hijab. 

The bodies of women wrapped in carpets and dumped in the wilderness are those of both the prostitutes of Iran and the dead 22-year-old girl, Amini either.



Holy Spider

That wasn’t the only time Iranians chanted. Just before this year’s World Cup in Qatar which is Iran vs. England game. You may have also seen the Iranian national team players who refused to sing along with the national anthem and the slow unfurling of the slogan in the stands.

Women, Life, Freedom.

When the Iranian players refused to sing the national anthem, Iranian women wearing headscarves on the stage wept.

Women, Life, Freedom iran women

It’s only in the last few years that Iranian women have been able to enter the soccer field. Iranian director Jaffa Panassi made a film about women and soccer back in 2006. The Iranian film “Offside”, which won the 56th Berlin Silver Bear, was about an Iranian woman who dresses up as a woman in order to watch a football game.

The female fans in the movie eventually take advantage of Iran’s entry into the World Cup final round to escape the carnival. Iranian women don’t have such an easy happy ending in reality.

offside iran

Iranians continue to bleed and experience unrest, but never stop asking why. They cry out for freedom again and again under tear gas and sticks. Singer Shervin Hajipour wrote a song called Baraye for the Iranian women’s protest movement. 

The lyrics go like this:

For my sister, your sister, our sister
For the disintegration of those rusty thoughts
For our desire to live ordinary lives
For the students and their future
For women, life and freedom

Women- Life -Freedom

The death of Tunisian vendor Bouazizi ignited the first flames of the Arab Spring in 2011. The entire Arab world began to unravel with authoritarian governments collapsing one by one ever since. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and even the most conservative Saudi Arabia have all seen protests. The seemingly solid iron wall of power can only be thrown away in the face of public anger.

Amini’s death brings the spotlight once again to the girls of the Middle East in 2022. The white cloth represents male power in the real world.
This power gives them the freedom to marry four wives and even end the lives of these women according to their likes and dislikes.



French women’s group lights up the red carpet with black smoke at this year’s 75th Cannes Film Festival. They pulled up a huge list of 129 names of women who died of domestic violence and murder against women in France in the year between the last Cannes and this year’s Cannes.

129 names of women who died of domestic violence and murder against women in France in the year between the last Cannes and this year's Cannes.

In solidarity with women’s protests in her country, Iranian actress Taraneh Aridousti risked her life by removing her hijab and posting a photo of herself holding the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom” on Instagram. She herself has now been arrested.

Hengameh Ghaziani and Katayoun Riahi were also arrested for taking off their hijabs to participate in the protest. Iranian news agency IRNA said the actresses were accused of “colluding with the intention of harming national security” and “propaganda against the state.


Hengameh Ghaziani and Katayoun Riahi were also arrested for taking off their hijabs to participate in the protest. Iranian news agency IRNA said the actresses were accused of "colluding with the intention of harming national security" and "propaganda against the state.

International actresses also used scissors in solidarity with Iranian women. Many female filmmakers, including Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Adjani, Isabelle Huppert, Charlotte Gainsbourg and many others, chose to cut their hair to support Iranian women in their fight for freedom.

International actresses also used scissors in solidarity with Iranian women.

I met an Iranian girl in the United States Five years ago. She tried her best to read and study every day, like a survivor of the exodus from the Middle Eastern world. She has the deepest, most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, with slightly curly hair, sharply tied in a high ponytail.

She told me that she looks like an ordinary person in Iran. She has many more Iranian sisters and even the prettiest faces are covered under a hijab. Women are not allowed ride bicycles, run at will, dance, or wear clothes that are too tight  because women’s body curves can lead to criminal thoughts in men.

They do not have the right to choose their lives.

This Iranian girl married her current husband In order to be able to escape from Iran and immigrate to the United States. It does not matter even if she marries a stranger as long as she can take off her hijab and receive an advanced education although there is not much affection.

We sat in the same classroom while she gambled almost her entire life to take off her hijab.



The wheel of the world shows no sign of stopping while we argue about the hijab, life, freedom and the fate of women in the Middle East. It with spikes and sharp edges rolls over women’s bodies without stopping and leaving only a trail of blood in its wake. Each of us is a bystander not far away.

On Dec. 22 the Taliban announced a total ban on higher education for Afghan women in the future. A female university student who is studying medicine saw the news and called her mother in tears: “Our future is completely dark.”

In the ranks of the Iranian protest movement, the military deliberately shot female demonstrators in the genitals and face. It is a unique and vicious way of punishing women that only this land can imagine.

Human sorrow and joy, anger and tears.

Sometimes they really are not connected in this world.

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