A new bill would ban certain foreign companies from buying land in Texas

Texas bill would ban investors from four countries from buying property and land in the United States

When racial discrimination can be turned into the law, depravity has flowed unhindered.

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A bill introduced in the Texas Legislature would prohibit people with ties to certain countries such as China, Iran, North Korea and Russia from buying land, which could discourage international investors from trading in one of the most popular states in the commercial real estate sector. 

Whether you are an international student with an F1 visa or a Chinese with a green card or H1B, there is no way to buy a home in Texas in the future. Some people may think “I don’t buy houses in the U.S. anyway” and “this has nothing to do with me”, however it is important to be alert to the fact that “buying housing restrictions” may be just beginning of discriminatory. A new Chinese exclusion bill may emerge in the future If left unchecked. 

The bill submitted by the Texas Republican Senate explicitly prohibits Chinese entities or citizens from purchasing or acquiring land and real property in Texas. It is important to note that the term used in the bill is Real property, which is defined in the wiki to include residential property.

Texas bill would ban investors from four countries from buying property and land in the United States

This means that international students and even legal taxpayers with green cards and H1Bs may not be able to buy homes in the US in the future. Texas Governor Greg Abbott followed up with a strong endorsement and said he will sign the bill.


The bill against the Chinese is not a whim, but a common aspiration of people.  A poll was conducted in Texas last October, 82% of people agreed that Texas should ban the Chinese government or Chinese from buying land there.


The governor’s tweet get full of approval.


If Chinese people buy land and property with their legitimate income and you Americans take it away at your whim, what is the difference between them and robbers?

Why don’t you “ban Chinese people from paying taxes” when you want to charge taxes? 

The senator who introduced the bill made a point of emphasising that this was done to guarantee that Texans would remain in control of their land. As more and more Texans have been alarmed by the increase in land acquisitions which were bought mainly by the Chinese over the past few years.

It means that they cannot acquire the material conditions necessary for material production if the Chinese cannot buy a house. Then the Chinese will have to rent house or apartment. In other words, some of the money we earn goes into the American’s pockets. We will be at the bottom of that social ladder forever. 

There will be an increasing number of states supporting the bill. In fact, Florida has started the action.

“I don’t want them to own residential developments”: Florida Governor DeSantis has vowed to follow Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lead and ban Chinese investors from buying property – because he has called China a “hostile country”. 

China a hostile country

Now it’s a ban on buying property. Will it be a confiscation of property afterwards? Will it be a ban on Chinese studying in the US? Or even a ban on Chinese go to their country?

Even if this bill does not end up in law, it will at least show that American politicians and the public are becoming less friendly towards the Chinese.

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