Michelin-starred roast duck

Vancouver Michelin-starred roast duck

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The New Year is approaching and the three-year epidemic is coming to the end. In order to give thanks and celebrate, and for the sake of food, we went to Vancouver’s “Quanjude” in the snow night. Quanjude Roast Duck is one of the first eight restaurants in Vancouver to receive one Michelin star, and so far the only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in Canada. 

This is how the Michelin Guide describes Quanjude. 

quanjude vancouver

The snow was shut out of the door in a moment entering the gate of Quanjude. What strikes you is the distinctive front desk and the golden plaque indicates its royal origin. The golden fireplace and red wine barrels blend the main royal colors.

Michelin-starred roast duck

The lobby is elegant and distinguished with customers staggered among them and the relaxing background music is into our ears. The usher leads us to our seats and the Michelin star service begins.

Professional body posture, gentle whispering, opening the bottle, pouring the wine, wiping off the bottle residue with a white towel, and then placing the bottle on the table while thoughtfully turning the side with the logo to the customer.


The roast duck is definitely first choice. We learned from our inquiry that the duck here. The duck is locally raised and slightly more austere than the Beijing stuffed duck, which makes it less greasy. The roast duck is exquisitely prepared and tastes authentic when it was served. Fragrant but not greasy, like a mixture of hanging oven and casserole. 

vanvouver quanjude duck 3
vanvouver quanjude duck 4

The most important thing is the Marble Goby which is introduced as a new ingredient of the day.

Also known as Marbled Goby and Marble Goby, it is native to the fresh and brackish waters of the Mekong River basin and is known for its fine texture and delicious white flesh. The market price is high for wild ones, which are more often farmed in captivity.

The restaurant recommends the method: steamed and supplemented with soybean crisp and roasted, which is really tasty.

Vancouver Quanjude Marble Goby
Vancouver Quanjude Marble Goby 2

There are other exquisite dishes. There’s actually Old fashion Beijing style flour dumpling soup in a Michelin restaurant!

Old fashion Beijing style flour dumpling soup

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