How to prove productivity with moleskine notebooks best xms gift for family and friends

How to prove productivity with moleskine notebooks

Best 2023 Xms gift for family and friends.

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How did I manage my schedule before using moleskine notebooks?

I think I have a good memory, so I started to manage my daily routine schedule very late. Even though I used to be a sales manager who had to go to business meeting all day long, I still didn’t start to manage my schedule officially until 2017.

I used google calendar before using moleskine,but I don’t know why I always found the interface annoying. So I stopped using it after less than a month.

What kind of Molskine notebooks did I pick?

Moleskine has a very diverse range of notebooks, and there are even special notebooks for the catering industry and designers. I did not buy on the Internet in order to see the physical and actual needs. I went to bookstore to choose. It took me a long time probably more than an hour. Finally, I picked Moleskine Classical Collection large size with hard cover.  it has horizontal line notebook with one side per day. 

How to prove productivity with moleskine notebooks

How do I use moleskine to manage my trips?

I bought this one, I think the page design is very thoughtful. Although it is a classic horizontal line, but look closely at the left side of the page. It is the time of each hour and you can write down your daily schedule.

What is even more thoughtful is that there is no time (hours) for Sunday, because Moleskine assumes that everyone is off this day. 

How to prove productivity with moleskine notebooks
Moleskine Classic Notebook, (1)

How did I change after using Moleskine notebook

I used to have a problem that I knew I had a lot of things to do.  I had written down the to-do list, but I just couldn’t decide which thing to do at right time. 

 I can finish things properly since I used this method. I won’t be so anxiousand anymore. My efficiency has really improved a lot.


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