Handbook Review Getting Started with Moleskine notebook

It is the design and quality of Moleskine notebooks that makes them truly stand out. The first time you crack one open, you will understand why they have become so popular. They simply feel right.

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I have been using Molskine Notebook since my friends told me it can imporve self- productivity in the daily life. During a trip to Taiwan in March 2018, I met an architect who had two copies of Moleskine. I see that all his works are done in moleskine notebook. 



The Moleskine has some advantages on my perspective.

  1. The width is wider and this small difference makes a big difference in terms of drawing, especially across the pages.
  2. Moleskine is wire bound, and wire binding is easier to draw across the pages.
  3. The hard cover is also the reason why I want to use it, so I can stand and draw with a hard cover pad, without the aid of a drawing board.
  4. The 240 pages can be used for a long time, and there are many things to be reviewed (or refer to some important content).

 I have paintings from Hong Kong and paintings from meetings with fellow artists in my Moleskine notebook. some ideas in my head transformed into images, i note it down. 

As  the year 2023 approaches, my intention is not to paint more finely, but to be “brave”. Many people think that once I draw, it seems like I don’t have to change anything, but in fact, I sometimes hesitate and want to prepare my composition. The inspiration that comes from taking notes, analyzing, and thinking freely on paper is also something that can be gained beyond visual effects.


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