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Chinese post-millennial runs a breakfast store, launched “0 dollars to drink soy milk”sells mode, 8 days get income of $7000

Start small business in China for the couple by selling soy milk.

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A Chinese guy from post-millennial opend breakfast store in Jiangxi Provice which is located south part of China. Do you dare believe get income of $7000 (already exchanged to U.S. dollars) in only 8 days.
The boss only use one strategy for its store. Let customer take advantages when they get into the store. How to do that? He launched of “$0 to drink soybean milk” activities. Customers get soybean milk for free. Not only dose he lose money, but earn a lot of money!

Many people say that business is hard to do now. However, It is not the business that is hard to do, but the way you do business that keeps you from making money. How can you make more money and customers? Let we see how the professionals are doing if you dont konw how?

▲ Chinese breakfast store: breakfast for chinese in the store

【1】Case Background
The ower of the breakfast store is called Song. His family is poor when he was child. His father got cancer. He quit the school and open breakfast store. All he doing is to make money for his father’s medical treatment.

【2】Sales Plan

free to drink soy milk. This sales plan definitely can get more customers, but how can he get profit?

【3】Profit Analysis

In order to get more customers and more money, customer need to spend ¥30 apply for membership card in the store. Customers not only have ¥30 of consumption limits , but also get 30 cups of fresh and thick soy milk for free.

The original price of 30 cups of soy milk is 120RMB (Chinese yuan). Now the customer just needs to get a membership card to get 120 Chinese dollars worth of stuff for free. Do you think customers will refuse? For those customers who eat breakfast everyday outside of the breakfast store, they will definitely be willing to pay for the membership card.

▲ Song’ s breakfast store.

Let we think about it how this work. According to the current per capita consumption in China, an adult at least have to spend a ¥10 yuan to eat full at breakfast meal. ¥30 yuan is only three days of breakfast for customers. There will be no money in customer’s membership card after 3 days. Will the customer still come to breakfast sotre spend money? Song’s free soy milk will play the important role in the next step.

If you have 30 cups of soy milk stored in a breakfast store. The boss tells you that get one free by eating breakfast in the store. You still choose another breakfast sore to eat breakfast? I wont unless the taste of the soy milk terrible. However, the taste of Song’s store is really quite good and get free soy milk. Customers naturally prefer Song’s breakfast store. This sals plan brings customers into the store to spend 30 times at least.

Finally, Song get $7000 income by using free soy milk plan.

▲Soy milk also known as soya milk or soymilk, is a plant-based drink produced by soaking and grinding soybeans

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