birth rate negtive growth in china

China sees negative population growth for the first time since the 60 years ago

Many policies in mainland China seem very contradictory. The Chinese government says that 10 million college students graduating each year is too many for China. It also says that there are only 8 million newborns per year. That's not enough. // 35 years old is too old to work, 60 years old is too early to retire in China.

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According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released on 17th January , the national population (including the population of the 31 provinces, and autonomous regions,  excluding residents of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreigners living in other countires) will be 141.75 million at the end of 2022, a decrease of 850,000 from the end of the previous year. This is also the first time China’s population has experienced negative growth since 1962. 

In 2022, 9.56 million people were born with birth rate of 6.77 per thousand; 10.41 million people died with death rate of 7.37 per thousand; and the natural population growth rate was -0.60 per thousand. 

The male population is 720.06 million and the female population is 689.69 million in terms of gender composition. the total population gender ratio is 104.69 (with female as 100).

In terms of age composition, 87.556 million people of working age are aged 16-59 accounting for 62.0% of the national population; 280.04 million people are aged 60 and above accounting for 19.8% of the national population, including 209.78 million people aged 65 and above accounting for 14.9% of the national population.

In terms of urban and rural composition, the resident population in urban areas is 92.71 million with an increase of 6.46 million over the end of the previous year; the resident population in rural areas is 491.04 million with a decrease of 7.31 million; the proportion of urban population in the national population (urbanization rate) is 65.22% with an increase of 0.50 percentage points over the end of the previous year.

birth rate in China
▲ China's birth rate declines annually

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