China and Saudi Arabia sign comprehensive strategic partnership agreement

China and Saudi Arabia sign comprehensive strategic partnership agreement: head of state to meet once every 2 years

Spiceup News Commentary: China imports 72% of its oil, 15% of which comes from Saudi Arabia. U.S. oil exports hit a record high of 11.8 million barrels per day last week. China is Saudi Arabia's biggest gold owner and the US is Saudi Arabia's biggest competitor. Who do you think Saudi Arabia should kneel to? However, Saudi Arabia cannot get rid of its dependence on the US for security, and China will not replace the US for security.

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President Xi Jinping met with Saudi King Salman at the Royal Palace in Riyadh in the afternoon of Dec. 8, local time.

Xi Jinping noted that he is glad to visit Saudi Arabia again after six years. I have vivid memories of my last visit to Saudi Arabia. I am glad to see that the important consensus we reached on the development of China-Saudi Arabia relations are being transformed into tangible cooperation results. China-Saudi Arabia cooperation has broad prospects. China regards Saudi Arabia as an important force in the multipolar world and attaches great importance to the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia. China is willing to continue to strengthen strategic communication with the Saudi side, deepen cooperation in various fields, serve the development interests of both countries, and maintain peace and stability in the world.


China and Saudi Arabia sign comprehensive strategic partnership agreement
China and Saudi Arabia sign comprehensive strategic partnership agreement

Salman said he warmly welcomes President Xi Jinping to visit Saudi Arabia again, and your successful visit to Saudi Arabia in 2016 was unforgettable. In recent years, Saudi Arabia and China have made good progress in strategic alignment and cooperation in various fields, and both sides share important consensus on many issues, and the interests of the Chinese side are also the interests of the Saudi side. I attach great importance to the development of relations with China and I am ready to work with President Xi Jinping to push the Saudi-Chinese comprehensive strategic partnership forward for the benefit of the two friendly peoples, which is also conducive to achieving peace, stability and tranquility in the region and the world.


China and Saudi Arabia signed contracts worth billions of euros in Riyadh on the second day of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf oil monarchy.

Xi’s visit to Saudi Arabia was of high geopolitical significance, but was criticized by the United States. The United States is a traditional partner of the Kingdom and has worked in recent years to expand economic and political ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

A series of more than 20 agreements worth a total of more than 110 billion Saudi riyals, or about 27.8 billion euros, began to be signed on Thursday, according to reports in the official Saudi media.

The Chinese president met with Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, at the Royal Palace in Riyadh. Xi also met with the ailing 86-year-old King Salman at the Royal Palace in Riyadh.

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