Biden slip of the tongue: said to invest $ 350 billion in Africa, the actual is 350 million

Biden slip of the tongue: promise to invest $ 350 billion in Africa, the actual is 350 million

President Biden is a joke

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Biden deliberately made a mistake to make people think there is more investment in Africa than China. Biden is a  attention whore absolutely. I dont get it. People happily hold an Alzheimer’s on stage and directing.

Biden try to provoke relationship between China and ASEAN in this year. He promised to invest $150 million in ASEAN. 10 million dollars per country  in the end. He is laughed off the stage. 

Bragging big, invest little money. U.S. diplomacy is a joke.

The second U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit (US-Africa Summit) was held in Washington, D.C., USA. President Joe Biden described the amount of investment in Africa as “$350 billion”, while the actual investment was “$350 million”, a thousand-fold difference in figures.

The U.S. is holding U.S.-Africa summit after eight years. Many in the U.S. media have described Biden’s goal for the summit as “seeking to restart relations with Africa. The U.S. is lagging behind in this continent’s “struggle for influence” and now wants to “catch up”.


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US President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the US is “all in on Africa’s future,” and announced new technology and trade investments on the continent.

“When Africa succeeds, the United States succeeds. Quite frankly, the whole world succeeds as well,” Biden told the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC, the second such summit that has been held in the American capital since 2014.

The US will invest $350 million for the digital transformation in Africa, Biden said, to “make sure people across Africa can participate in a digital economy.”

The US signed a “historic” memorandum of understanding with the new African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat, he said, which will “unlock new opportunities to trade and investments between our countries.”

“Second, we’re investing to facilitate greater regional trade within Africa, including by investing in infrastructure,” he said.

The president noted the signing of a $500 million compact with Benin and Niger under the Millennium Challenge Corporation and said it would help “build and maintain roads, put in place policies that reduce transportation costs.”

Touching on global issues from pandemics to food and climate crises, Biden said: “We can’t solve any of these challenges without African leadership at the table and I’m not trying to be nice.”

The US capital is hosting a three-day US-Africa Leaders Summit, which 49 African leaders are attending. Issues concerning the African continent are discussed in public sessions as well as in bilateral meetings.

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