Biden meets with Zelensky, praises Ukrainian people as an inspiration to the world

Biden meets with Zelensky, praises Ukrainian people as an inspiration to the world

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Joe Biden patted the driver’s shoulder and sighing fondly, this is a good dog, a loyal dog that will bite and dare to bite.

Ukraine has gone from being the womb of the world to being the refugee of the world. How many people have died? Can the economy recover? What can these people do in the future?

Zelensky this comedian made it to Time magazine and was received by the President of the United States. What does that matter to do with the people of Ukraine? 

Poor people!

This country is completely ruined. The top 10 rich people have all run away, the only one who didn’t run away is in jail.

The middle class has run away. The population of Ukraine has fallen from more than 50 million to 40 million, with seven million running away in the past year.

Ukrainian President Zelensky arrived at the White House on Wednesday to meet with President Joe Biden. Biden told the Ukrainian leader, who was making his first trip abroad since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, that the United States would continue to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities, while Zelensky expressed his “heartfelt gratitude” to Biden for the U.S. support.

In a historic meeting Wednesday, Biden pledged to Zelensky that he would “continue to strengthen Ukraine’s self-defense capabilities, particularly its air defense,” while the Ukrainian president thanked him for his “tremendous support.” He said the Ukrainian people remain “an inspiration to the world.” He added that Ukraine continues to amaze the world.

Zelensky said, “Our ordinary citizens thank your ordinary citizens and thank the Americans.” He expressed “heartfelt gratitude” for Biden’s “leadership role” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Zelensky then presented Biden with a gift, a medal given to him by a Ukrainian soldier the day before. He called the soldier a “true hero” and explained that he was a captain who operated the U.S. Seamus rocket launch system.

After 300 days of war, Zelensky left the country for the first time and visit to the country that has so far provided the most suporrt to Ukraine.

During his visit, Washington announced a substantial new military assistance program, including the provision of Patriot surface-to-air missile defense systems to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president will later address the U.S. Congress, which is preparing to vote on a new package of nearly $45 billion for Ukraine.

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