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90% of people do not know that these behaviors are against the law in Australia

It's all true! lol

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The law exists not only to regulate our morality, but also to set the standard rules for the reality of our lives in Australia. Understanding the relevant laws can help us to live better in Australia. Today let’s take a look at the top four “myths” about Australian law and See how these laws relate to our lives. 

1. Can I sue someone for sexual harassment if I was made to laugh at a dirty joke?

The federal government has introduced a series of Respect at Work bills to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The aim is to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The reason for the introduction of these laws may be related to a survey conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

A study by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) found that one third of Australian employees have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace from the year 2017 to 2022. Women (41%) are more likely to be harassed than men (26%), and more than three-quarters of harassers are men in Australia.

So you may wonder what behavior falls under the category of sexual harassment?Australian law defines sexual harassment as Any act involving sex that unwelcome behaviour that makes a person feel offended or humiliated.

This means that if your colleague makes an “inappropriate” joke to you and you find it funny and “slightly offensive”. You feel “slightly offended” while finding it funny, then your colleague’s behavior constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace.

Australian law defines sexual harassment

2. My boyfriend and I have been living together for a year. Do I need to share half of his property?

The answer is simple. No! 

The following conditions must be met for the division of property between two people in a marriage.The partnership has lasted for at least two years.

Or, the both have had children together.

Or, the partnership has been registered.

Or where one party has made substantial financial/non-financial contributions to the other party, failure to allow a division of property would result in a significant injustice to one party.

In the Australian family law (AFL), there is also no presumption of 50/50 division of property between cohabiting men and women.

3. Is it a crime if I lock my child in the car for one minute?

Yes, it is.

Although the laws vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in Australia. It is usually illegal to leave a child alone in a car regardless of whether the child is substantially harmed. It is important to note that leaving a car window open does not make the act a criminal offense. In other words, if you leave a child alone in a car and a patrol officer or someone else finds them and takes pictures of them. There is a good chance that you are breaking the law.

4, Can I fight back if someone attacks me in Australia?

Non-Australian, you can’t.

Australian, you can.

Do it for whatever reason? Deportation immediately! You have no choice but to be beaten. You can do whatever you want as long as you are Australian in A country with a strong sense of law in Australia. 

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