200 people protest China’s crackdown on civil rights outside Chinese embassy in London on International Human Rights Day 

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News source from VOA –200 people protest China’s crackdown on civil rights outside Chinese embassy in London on International Human Rights Day

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These actors in front of the camera, competition acting, full of laugh!

115,000 British postal workers went on strike. Britain is currently on a daily strike. They are all organized by British trade unions. They are upright and political status of the Great British Union!

I have been wondering why are there always demonstrations outside Chinese embassies in Britain and the United States? Why do people in most democracies countries, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, etc., not go to the Chinese Embassy to demonstrate?

Slaughtered Iraqi Syrian Afghans have no human rights!

20 million dead Indians have no human rights!

Trafficked black slaves have no human rights!

Seamen killed by British state supporting pirates have no human rights!

Irishmen and Indians who were deliberately starved have no human rights!

200 people protest China’s crackdown on civil rights outside Chinese embassy in London on International Human Rights Day

News from VOA in the below:

In London, England, the Chinese demonstrators held their fourth demonstration in a short period of time in response to the subsequent protests over the Urumqi fire to continue protesting China’s anti-epidemic policy and political repression.

Various groups held demonstrations in London on  December 10  International Human Rights Day, from outside the Prime Minister’s Office to the Chinese Embassy, protesting China’s “zero year” policy, against Chinese demonstrators and workers, and against Chinese protesters and workers. About 200 people took part in the crackdown on Hong Kong people and ethnic minorities.

The demonstration was the fourth of its kind in about a month. Although the demonstrations were planned a few weeks ago, China’s anti-epidemic policy began to relax and the weather in London turned colder, with temperatures at around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Some demonstrators said that these factors may have affected the desire to participate.

A Chinese protester who called herself a “red apple” and wore the mask of “V-brake” told Voice of America that she wanted to talk to the people of Hong Kong, Tibetans, and others. Uighurs, Southern Mongols, feminists and workers stood together, pointing to a series of lists of victims of oppression put up by demonstrators outside the Chinese Embassy.

She said, “The number of victims is too many. This illustrates one, that is, that too many people have been oppressed and perhaps very few people have spoken for them. Our friends in the country are trying to speak out, they’re caught, and we can’t do anything here. So we come here because our conscience tells us that we have to do something.

Civet from Hamburg, Germany, told Voice of America that she attended a memorial service for the dead in the Urumqi fire and brought local slogans to London to show solidarity. She was a little suffocating when she spoke of demonstrators arrested in China for participating in the “White Paper Campaign”.

She said, “The hands and feet we were caught in, the people I didn’t know, they were all still missing. Not every one of them was released. I don’t believe so much injustice today — this movement will not continue, maybe they will do something else in the future, but I don’t believe that we will stop resisting. And I don’t believe we will stop speaking outside, because our friends haven’t been released, and we have to fight until everyone is free. “

A serious fire broke out in the Jixiangyuan Community of Tianshan District, Urumqi City, in  November 24 . Some people believed that the epidemic-prevention zone had obstructed rescue efforts and prevented the residents from escaping. At least 10 people were killed and 9 injured. The incident sparked much resistance, later known as the “White Paper Campaign”, which was suppressed by the Chinese Government by means of police arrests and censorship.

Many protesters in London said that they had covered their faces with masks because they feared their families still in China. Even those who are willing to be interviewed still ask not to show up and leave their voices behind.

Bruce, a Chinese graduate student in the UK, told Voice of America that he had been concerned about the resistance movement in Hong Kong since 2019, but had not demonstrated. He said he was “a minority in the minority”. The great fire in Urumqi was an opportunity for many Chinese students to organize themselves.

He said, “I am very pessimistic about the Chinese people’s patience, because if it were not for the three-year lockdown, if it were not for the economy, we would not protest. Many people think that he is for democracy, but I actually think that many foreign media may be too optimistic. I am not too optimistic because everyone just wants to survive. Just want to live.

Bruce said that even if China’s epidemic prevention policy begins to relax, the nature of the Chinese Communists will not change. It is only that the recent demonstrations may encourage people who do not know the Communist Party to know more about the truth.

Mr. Zhu, a Chinese student, cut off the star of the five-star red flag and raised it at the demonstration site. He said that he was inspired by the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the Romanian Revolution of 1989, and believed that the Chinese people did not need the Communist Party and could independently lead democratic, democratic, Life free and equal.

Like Bruce, a foreign student, he also believes that the “white paper movement” will not pose a real political threat to the Chinese Communist Party, but that Chinese students can do what they can, for example, resist acting as agents of the Chinese Communist Party, The Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which organizes overseas Chinese students in various places, and does not participate in various celebrations and demonstrations in China.

He said: “What I care about is the educational significance this white paper movement has given to the vast number of young people in China. I think this is more useful than political influence, because we can put hope in the future. ”

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