10 people were killed in Xijiang apartment fire

May the deceased rest in peace. May recovery of the injured. May freedom for the living.

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xinjiang apartment fire 10 people died

A fire in a residential building in Xinjiang has killed 10 people and injured nine by Chinese officials said on friday, November 25th. Many local residents have been homebound for more than three months due to the new crown blockade.

The fire started at the night on the 15th floor of a high-rise building in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region, then spread to higher floors, CCTV said.

A series of questions have been raised about whether the Covid-19 restrictions prevented fire rescue or caused residents to be unable to escape from their homes or buildings On Chinese social media.

▲Xinjiang apartment fire press conference: 《Some residents have poor self-help skills》which caused people’s dissatisfaction.
You were waiting for government to apologize and it criticized you for your weak self-help skills.

Xinjiang is home to 25 million people and China’s Covid-Zero lockdown policy in Xinjiang has just hit morn than 100 days. Some local closures have left residents in dire straits, making it difficult to obtain food and other necessities, such as medicine and feminine hygiene products.

The video taken at the scene is very clear proof that the residential community was locked down because of Covid-19 ZERO policy, the fire truck can not reach the fire building, only at a distance to spray water to put out the fire! Inefficient, untimely fire fighting!

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